Listing Types

Membership Prices, Assessments and Fees
As of October 1, 2018

 Membership Type Purchase Price* 2018 Annual Assessments**
Three-BedroomFrom $96,000$8,298.06
From $195,000
*Prices subject to change without notice.
**Annual Owner Fees include staff salaries, maintenance, supplies, insurance, trash removal, window washing, utilities, fuel, transportation, legal/accounting, and replacement and/or refurbishment of club facilities.

2016 Property Taxes (Paid in 2017)
Membership TypeAmount*
*Due April 15 

Housekeeping and Gratuity Fees (As of October 1, 2018)
Housekeeping/Usage Fee* 3 nights or less 4 to 7 nights
Three-Bedroom $235 ($355) $385 ($575)
Four-Bedroom $285 ($420) $435 ($655)
Daily Gratuity**   $5 per adult per night
*Includes daily trash removal, daily towel replenishment and daily bed making. Six-day stays or longer include a more thorough mid-week cleaning. Note that guests using space available time, aka "sponsored guests" are charged a 50% higher rate (in parentheses).
**This mandatory fee is distributed to all staff proportionally to the amount of hours worked. Additional tipping for exemplary service is never expected, but always appreciated!